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» Learning Disability Related Careers

More information is being discovered about learning disabilities everyday, and with this growth in knowledge comes an increase in the number of people diagnosed with scholastic difficulties. Because of this, professionals trained in helping people to overcome their learning problems are needed now more than ever. This is a fascinating field and if you choose [...]

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» Making Your Way: Opportunities in Social Services

An old proverb says: “Progress, not perfection.” Despite advances in technology and government, social problems persist–poverty, addiction, and limited access to healthcare continue to dog our civilization. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but you needn’t let it paralyze you. Every day, social service workers fight the good fight. If you’ve ever wanted to take some [...]

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» Creating the Counsellor Mindset: a Career Overview

Diverse values, specialist development, varied experiences, a unique mindset – mix it up and include a touch of interpretation and you have a human being with a social outlook. Leveraging differences between people is a daily necessity of living in societies, and leveraging our own perspective of the world – and others in it – [...]

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